Actavo | In-Home Solutions is the sole supplier to BSkyB direct channel for the installation of all BSkyB packages and provision of service and repair to BSkyB customers on the island of Ireland. We deploy an extensive field workforce of highly-trained Service Engineers working in BSkyB customers’ homes across the 32 counties of Ireland. We have fully-operational Customer Service Centres in Dublin and Belfast, which manage the interface between BSkyB customers and our Service Engineers.

Our activities include:
  • The scheduling and planning of our Service Engineers and for liaising with BSkyB customers, including making appointments and handling customer service queries
  • BSkyB have adopted our practice whereby service calls are routed directly to our Customer Service Centres, rather than having a two-step call handling process; this facilitates significantly faster service response
  • Our Customer Service Centres also undertake weekly telephone customer satisfaction surveys, covering jobs undertaken by all our Service Engineers

We have implemented a real-time Mobile Workforce Management IT solution to support service delivery. This system enables our Service Engineers to receive work schedules and capture data remotely via hand-held PDAs, ensuring real-time work management, timely and efficient service delivery, high-quality customer service and comprehensive reporting.

Actavo’s performance is measured by BSkyB on a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have delivered consistent high levels of performance on the full range of KPIs, including quality and job completions with and our long-term objective being the achievement of a world-class Net Promoter Score on behalf of our Client.