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Actavo | Building Solutions designs, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art modular buildings. With more than 35 years of experience, our Building Solutions team has deep industry knowledge and technical expertise within the Education, Health, Construction, Corporate, Defence and Accommodation sectors. Using innovative materials that are designed to achieve a combination of optimum energy efficiency, flexible interconnectivity and structural integrity. The specific processes we use to deliver modular building projects ensure that we consistently deliver schemes on-time, within budget and to our clients’ full requirements.

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We are leading experts in the design, manufacture and construction of steel and timber-framed modular buildings for both temporary and permanent solutions. Our building can significantly reduce both overall construction programmes and time onsite without compromising design or quality. Through the integration of BIM, we can optimise manufacturing and reduce installation times, whilst providing clients with coordinated 3D designs, visualisations and spatial layouts.
Why Actavo?
  • Our experienced design team works with you to meet all your building needs from large-scale site accommodation to bespoke buildings
  • We offer end-to-end project management from initial planning and design, through to manufacture and completion
  • We understand the demands of working in a high-risk environment and place a strong emphasis on safety, as our exceptional track record proves
  • ISO-certified safety, health, environmental and quality management systems
  • Exceptional safety track record, evidenced by numerous awards from NISO, IOSH and RoSPA
Why Modular Buildings? From a single module to a bespoke multi-storey modular building, our modular building systems approach has the flexibility to provide attractive, permanent accommodation solutions to a wide range of clients covering many sectors. Modular buildings are constructed using a core set of prefabricated building components called modules. These building modules are individually designed so that they can be combined together in different ways to form a wide variety of building functions. The term modular building systems refers to how these building modules interconnect; what their function is; how they are fitted-out internally; how they are externally finished and the processes used, from concept elaboration to finished modular building. Beyond appearance, modular buildings offer several invaluable advantages over traditional building methods.
Advantages of Modular Building
  • Saves time – using prefabricated building modules saves build time and reduces architect time on several of the engineering aspects of a project
  • Adaptable – all of our modular building systems offer the flexibility to grow and adapt as clients business needs change. Upsizing or downsizing is catered for in the build process
  • Less noise – our modular buildings provide better sound isolation characteristics than traditional buildings – up to twice the sound attenuation levels in some cases
  • Flexible – when a modular building is complete, it will continue to be a cost-effective option as it offers the flexibility to disassemble and re-configure parts of the building over time. It is even possible to move your entire building to a new location as business needs dictate
  • Savings – modular construction is a more efficient process than traditional construction, often saving up to 50% or more compared with the cost of a traditional building
  • Less disruption – because our modular buildings are pre-manufactured offsite, the process of constructing it on site is far less intrusive on the immediate environment and overall, is cleaner and less disruptive to the surrounding community
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