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Today, along with Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and businesses globally, we are marking CX Day, celebrating the growing number of individuals and organizations committed to creating better customer experiences (CX).

Focus on Customer Experience’ is one of our core values at Actavo, because CX is a living breathing part of our culture across all our operations. Great CX doesn't just happen - it requires leadership commitment, listening to customers, intentional CX design, and implementation across the entire business, facilitated by operations, CX strategy and supported by technology.

Ann-Marie O’Donnell

Director of Customer Strategy

This year’s theme is ‘...because good customer experience delivers better outcomes for customers, employees and organizations’, and we are celebrating by sharing internally our CX good news from all around the business, including a range of positive feedback from our clients and customers that demonstrates our focus on CX.

Congratulations to all our front line teams on continuing to deliver great Customer Experience every day. You are instrumental to living this core value.