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As one of the primary contractors for the largest and most significant telecommunications initiative ever undertaken by the Irish government, Actavo has deployed survey and design and network build teams in multiple locations around Ireland, working with our client, National Broadband Ireland (NBI) on the #NationalBroadbandPlan.

In 2020, Actavo engaged with ESRI, to help develop a suite of GIS solutions specially for the NBI project, using ESRI’s ArcGIS platform. We are using ArcGIS to help fulfil the requirements of our contract as efficiently as possible, designing a high-speed fibre broadband network which will help transform the lives and livelihoods of 1.1 million people in rural Ireland. Click Here to watch video!

The National Broadband Ireland project aims to bridge the digital divide between cities and rural areas in Ireland, delivering high speed internet connectivity to 537,000 buildings. However, before 146,000 km of new fibre cable can be laid, Actavo is undertaking surveys across the country and designing the new broadband network, taking into account the requirement to reuse as much of the existing telecommunications infrastructure as possible to ensure efficiencies in cost and build time. 

The use of ArcGIS Collector and Survey123, together with the creative thinking of Actavo’s survey team, has resulted in a mobile survey process that is highly efficient.  Actavo’s designers can produce accurate network designs very quickly because ArcGIS Pro uses programming scripts to automate much of the design process.  The field-based surveying method is very intuitive for surveyors, meaning that new employees can get up and running faster. And, as Actavo needs to survey very rural areas, where there is often poor or no mobile connectivity, it is a huge advantage that Esri’s mobile solutions work effectively both online and offline.


Link to ESRI video