Red Bull – Crashed Ice

Actavo | Event Solutions has a great working relationship with Red Bull, when the Red Bull Crashed Ice came to Stormont, we were awarded a £120k+ infrastructure contract for the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship 2015. 140 competitors took part in the action-packed race on a heart-pumping assault course that was specifically designed for Belfast, the first time the event has been held in a city without natural ice.

Working together with the organisers from the design phase, we were able to incorporate a bridge into the track, allowing double decker buses to pass underneath. We also incorporated a large corner twist which had never been done before. We delivered all the structural elements for the 430m downhill custom-designed track within one week and then the ice was laid on top which required a further week to fully set. We also managed installation of lighting, camera and PA towers.

Actavo | Event Solutions in-house design team delivered a great design whilst at all times adhering to design and safety regulations. It turned out to be the fastest and most complex track thus far in the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship’s history.