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Actavo was delighted to team up with St. Mark’s Community School, Tallaght, to run an internship programme for 4th and 5th year students every Friday over the course of 6 weeks in Q4 2023.

Myself & Recruitment Manager, Brendon Bowe, visited St. Mark’s to speak to the students in a group setting to provide the details of the programme and to encourage them to apply. We worked with our colleagues throughout the business to create a versatile programme that would suit students who might not know what they wanted to do after school; those who would like experience in what they think they would like to do; those who are undecided between different career paths; and those who are simply just looking for industry experience.

After receiving applications and conducting interviews, we offered 5 students a place on the Actavo Internship Programme.

From the interview process through to the end of the programme all the students involved impressed us more and more each week with their interest, attitude and willingness to learn. Each of the students had different interests and the programme allowed all of them to gain meaningful experiences.

I first signed up for the internship at Actavo to explore what job opportunities I had when finishing school, and in my time as an intern, I got to see the ins and outs of how a well-managed company is run, from the office managing the calls, all the way to being out on the field witnessing things such as splicing, how to put safety first on a site such as the correct way to use a ladder, a harness and all of the handheld tools, etc. After 6 Fridays at Actavo, they offered me a Safe Pass which they were more than happy to pay for. This course has given me plenty of ideas for what kind of career I want to pursue after my Leaving Cert, which is exactly what I was looking for when signing up for this internship. Overall, I had a great time with the people here at Actavo, they were very helpful and well organised people who gave us a fantastic experience!

Seán O'Malley

We organised for them to work with many teams and contracts across the business – IT, Health & Safety, Civils, Prepay Power, Virgin Media, Sky, Siro, Events, Design & Engineering, and Commercial.  By working with these divisions each week, they were able to establish which areas they liked more than others and this has helped them all decide on a career path they would like to take when they leave school.

I got the chance to do an internship with Actavo to further explore my options for jobs and what I may be looking at in the future. With Actavo I went to many sites and met many different people in many different parts of the business. For example, on my first week I went out with Igor and we worked on a road in Palmerstown with the Palmerstown Council as part of his job in Civils. I found this quite good and I enjoyed it. Actavo were very generous and gave me and the lads lunch on them every week and sometimes the people we work with would pay for our lunch and I really did appreciate everything Actavo have done for us and hope to be back in the future.

Jayden Kinehan

At the end of the programme, at short notice, the 5 interns created a group presentation for our senior team to discuss what they had learned during the programme, why they wanted to take part, and their highlights. This was a great opportunity to practise their teamwork and presentation skills. Following this excellent presentation, our Modular Buildings division was happy to sponsor all of the students to complete their Safe Pass course in our Modular Facility in Kill, Co Kildare, which was a fantastic way to end a successful 6-week programme!

We were delighted to work so closely with such inspiring students, who have very bright futures ahead of them. They will be a credit to themselves in whatever route they decide to take after school and we look forward to hopefully working with some of them again in the future. 

Sincere thanks to all our 2023 interns, St Mark's Community College, and the Iris O’Brien Foundation. We are delighted to share feedback from Seán, Jayden and Conor on the Programme.                                                                                                                              

I first signed up for this great opportunity with Actavo because I already knew what Actavo was doing with Virgin Media, Sky, Siro ,The Events team and Prepay Power. I also wanted to get an apprenticeship when I finish school and I thought it was a great opportunity for me to see what the working life was like. What we were doing over the last six weeks made me make up my mind and now I know what I want to do after I finish school. I met some great people from all sectors from the office to actually on the job. After the six weeks were over Actavo offered to sponsor me with my safe pass as well as offering me a Summer job . It was overall a fantastic experience and a great opportunity. Actavo is a very generous and well-managed company and I loved working for them over the past six weeks. I would really recommend working for such a great company and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Conor Murphy