ESB Power

Actavo worked with ESB Group for over 14 years as a preferred contractor on the construction and refurbishment of overhead power networks at voltages from 220kV down to Low Voltage (220V). Our integrated solution fully covered all ESB Networks work types, including rural and urban low voltage refurbishment and new works and refurbishment at 10kV, 20kV, 38kV, 110kV and 220kV.

Recent completed projects included:
  • 220kV HTLS Uprate, Cullenagh;
  • 110kV HTLS Uprate, Cathaleens Falls;
  • 110kV HTLS Uprate, Cunghill;
  • LVR Outlets in Cavan;
  • 110kV Line Uprate, Bellacorrick;
  • 110kV Refurbishment, Lisdrum;
  • 400kV Refurbishment, Oldcastle