Actavo | In-Home Solutions began our in-home service delivery in Trinidad & Tobago as part of the launch of Digicel Play, Digicel’s fibre TV, broadband and home phone offering.

We have implemented stringent KPIs to track our performance and delivered an extensive training programme for all Technicians, upskilling them to become an “Actavo Certified Technician”. The level of service we provide is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and sets the standard for in-home service delivery in the region. In total, we expect to complete 165,000 Digicel Play installations in T&T over the next 3 years.

Our core service delivery activities include:

  • New customer installations
  • Pre-installation surveys
  • Pre-installation address surveys
  • Fault repair/service visits
  • Changes of service for existing customers
  • Reconnections for former customers
  • Customer maintenance to rectify non-service affecting issues