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Ann-Marie O’Donnell joined Actavo in September 2013 as Global Customer Strategy Director. She holds a degree in Economics from University College Galway.

Before joining Actavo, Ann-Marie set up a Customer Experience Consulting company, Miraflow. Previously she was Vice President of Professional Services at Nice Ltd.

Ann-Marie is responsible for customer experience strategy, design and execution across all divisions in Actavo. She developed Actavo’s Irish and international award-winning Customer Experience Strategy, which underpins the company’s approach to Customer Experience across all divisions and locations.

Ann-Marie lives Actavo’s Focus on Customer Experience value every day. She puts the customer at the heart of Actavo’s decision making process. She represents the customer at every meeting and decision point.

Ann-Marie believes in celebrating our differences. This empathy and respect for people have helped her excel in her role. Her optimism gives her the passion she needs to do the job well.