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Actavo In-Home Ireland is proud to partner with the HSE Dementia: Understand Together campaign, by implementing a dedicated training program under our Customer Experience strategy, to help our teams feel confident to support customers who may be affected by dementia.

Our In-Home team is trusted to enter thousands of Irish homes each month to complete installations. By supporting Dementia: Understand Together, we aim to raise awareness, show solidarity and offer support to people with dementia and their families.

There are over 64,000 people living with dementia in Ireland and this is on the rise.  Dementia is an umbrella term to describe a collection of brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Fronto temporal dementia, Lewy body dementia and many others. Although everyone’s experience of dementia will be different, it can impact memory and speech, and may eventually affect a person's ability to perform every day tasks.

The Dimentia: Understand Together campaign is led by the HSE in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Age Friendly Ireland, Dementia Services Information and Development Centre, Age & Opportunity and Healthy Ireland. The campaign’s aim is increase awareness and understanding of dementia and inspire everyone in our communities to show solidarity with the many families affected by the condition. In 2023, a national dementia inclusive community symbol was launched following a large scale consultation with people with dementia, their families, people working to advocate and support them, and the wider public.

To support the campaign, Actavo In-Home developed a training program designed to help front line teams identify the moments that matter to customers with dementia and their support network. We display the dementia inclusive symbol on our vans, and our people wear badges to send an important message that we care, and hopefully inspire conversations about customer needs and how we can help.

Understanding the needs of customers with dementia and those of their support network is fundamental to our service delivery model. It is important to us that they feel respected, understood and valued during every home visit. Our commitment and passion in delivering great customer experiences for all members of the community is core to our value of ‘Focus on Customer Experience'.

Keith Tobin

Chief Operating Officer In-Home Ireland
As one of 40 national partner organisations, Actavo’s support of this initiative has been hugely valuable over the past year. The company has embraced the campaign and integrated it across multiple customer journeys, so that it can become an integral part of its community engagement. We are very grateful for this ongoing support.

Fiona Foley

Senior Project Manager, National Dimentia Services, HSE

You can learn more about the campaign and sign up to get involved