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At Actavo, we are always looking at innovative ways to deliver operational excellence and enhance the customer experience. One recent example is our bespoke ‘ActaCheQ’ app, developed for our Building Solutions team to enhance our ISO 9001 Quality Control and Quality Assurance requirement on modular builds. 
One of the main benefits of off-site construction, is that modules arrive on site in a nearly finished state with external cladding installed, internal walls, ceiling, roof and floor finished. The challenge for the client is that they have no peace of mind that the elements have the required insulation, breather membranes, air-tight membranes, fire proofing or structure required to comply with the building specification or building regulations.
Developed by our IT team in conjunction with our Quality Team, using Microsoft Power Apps, 'ActaCheQ' provides this reassurance, giving the client comfort that all the elements required in the building are present and recorded for future reference.
The app records every step and detail of the build process for the 12 elements that make up every module that leave the factory, including photographic evidence. All information is stored in the cloud and available at the touch of a button to demonstrate compliance of the finished product on site.

For more information on our extensive range of Modular Build options for hire and sale, please contact our Modular team at [email protected]