What we do

We are an engineering solutions company with global reach. Our name Actavo, inspired by the Latin word ‘Actus’ meaning performance and action is more than just a name. It is a reflection of our active spirit, our bold ambitious drive and our commitment to performance excellence. We are an energised company, operating in diverse and demanding markets, offering a breadth of services, from energy to events, business support to building solutions, communications to construction. Our combination of experience, technical expertise, commercial capabilities and determination to deliver, enable our clients to grow and prosper.
Performance Our teams of leading experts, get things right first time, providing the trust, reliability and quality of service our customers require. Our people ensure that deadlines are met and projects are delivered to the highest standard. We have an exceptional track record in successfully managing complex projects within short time-frames and are keenly focused on performance in all our dealings, which is firmly rooted in every single member of our team.
Partnership We work in partnership with our clients, always listening to their needs, ready to provide solutions to project challenges. Each project is different and approached on an individual basis, but all projects must be managed in a structured and strategic manner in order to deliver on our promise of always going beyond for our partners.
Smart Progression We encourage a spirit of innovation. We are constantly pushing ourselves to drive improvements and efficiencies. Introducing smart technologies to traditional industries, we streamline processes, provide real-time innovation and make work more efficient. We have invested heavily in workforce and workflow software and programme management methodology to deliver projects on-time and in-budget.