Survey & Design

Using state-of-the-art software, our experienced surveyors complete a full assessment and testing of existing networks and identify requirements and unit counts. Using the captured data, our design team develops a detailed design in line with the client’s technical specification. During the survey and design stage, we innovate to create smarter solutions and invest heavily in programmes to drive improvements and efficiencies.


Actavo provides a complete aerial survey and aerial inspection solution. The use of cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/Drone) technology allows us to carry out aerial surveys to collect topographical data and imagery that is only possible from the air. From the resulting data, we can provide our client with precise geo-referenced data, stunning high-resolution photography, smooth video footage and a range of high quality 3D deliverables. more
Mobile Mapping – Lidar

Mobile mapping is the process of capturing geospatial data from a vehicle, it bridges the gap between terrestrial and aerial laser scanning. Actavo deploys the Mobile Mapping System to collect point cloud data and imagery of route corridors such as highway networks, railways systems and urban areas. From a vehicle the System can capture data while travelling at speeds of up to 70km per hour, often in a single pass. more
Detailed Design

Actavo has in-house design capability with a full in-house network design team. Actavo’s detailed network design provides all specifications, design drawings, costings and bills of materials required to proceed to the network build phase.

In April 2015, Actavo commenced the survey, design and construction of a new optical Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB) network in Ireland on behalf of SIRO. The network is being built on existing ESB overhead and underground infrastructure. Actavo is responsible for the design and construction of the Metro network, the PoP and the design and construction of the access network, including the fibre drop to the home. Actavo has also carried out a number of design projects for Digicel in the Caribbean, including Guyana, Aruba, Dominica and Turks and Caicos.