Modular Buildings Hire

Actavo’s modular building system not only focuses on how a new building is designed and assembled off-site, it also covers the dis-assembly processes including how individual building components are reused and re-incorporated into new building projects. That means Actavo | Building Solutions can offer a cost-effective option to hire a building instead of purchasing it outright. With a high availability of units for hire, you can be confident that we can provide you with what you need for your particular application. We offer a full turnkey package for all our hired buildings, which can be made up of a single block, through to a multi-storey facility. Our designated design team will also provide expert advice on building regulations, planning issues and safety requirements for all projects.

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Advantages of Modular building hire:
  • Avoids the major up-front capital cost of an outright purchase
  • Offers the exact building you need without compromise on design or quality
  • Option to extend the hire period for as long as required
  • Expand or contract the building as needs change
  • Layout and design services are available
  • Buildings can be delivered with fittings and service connections in place for time saving
  • Site preparations can be completed if needed, for fast set up with limited disruption
  • Furniture can be hired if required
  We offer a range of design options, in addition, we can also work with you to design a bespoke solution to suit your specific needs. All of our buildings are also available for purchase.
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