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Actavo’s modular buildings are constructed using a core set of prefabricated building components called modules. These prefab building modules are individually designed so that they can be combined together in different ways to form a wide variety of building functions. For example, a module mounted horizontally may be part of a meeting room, whilst the same module mounted vertically may be part of a staircase. The Actavo modular building system uses high-tech materials that are designed for a combination of optimum energy efficiency, flexible interconnectivity and structural integrity. The specific processes we use to deliver modular building projects ensures that we, consistently, keep projects on time and on budget. more

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Our Modular Building Manufacturing Facilities and Production Capacities Our activities in the UK and Ireland are supported by a state of the art manufacturing facilities, one in each geography, which is fully equipped with the latest design and production machinery, including Automatic Press’s, Gantry Cranes and Welding/Fabrication Shop. Our facility is used for the production, assembly and fit-out of modular buildings in a controlled factory environment. Our manufacturing facility allows us to design components and then use ‘production line’ techniques, which harness repetition and quality control, whilst allowing for the inclusion of bespoke elements. We follow clients’ individual briefs, achieve lean manufacturing and deliver superb modular buildings with a designed 60-year minimum life span. more
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