Drape Manufacturing

Operating from a dedicated 5,000 sq. ft. drape manufacturing and distribution warehouse facility in Dublin, we can produce drapes of any size or shape from a choice of over 500 different fabrics. In our drape manufacturing, we maintain the highest possible quality and standards. All of our drapes adhere to strict fire safety regulations. The majority of fabrics we produce have the following fire retardancy ratings.

  • IFR – Inherently Fire Retartdent
  • NDFR – Non Durably Fire Retardent
  • DFR – Durably Fire Retardent
  • NOT FR – Not Flame Retardent
  • BS 5867 PART 2B – British standard for Flame Retardency for drapes

Drape System

As Ireland’s largest stockholder, we offer a wide variety of colors and styles, listed below is our more popular offerings. All of our drape formats are available for hire and sale. We can also manufacture custom solutions to meet your requirements.

  • LED Starcloth
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Tracking & Reveal(Kabuki)
  • Velvet Velour ‘Bundles’
  • Jungle Drape
  • Shimmer Velour ‘Standard’
  • Velvet Velour ‘Classic’
  • White Trevira ‘Straight’
  • Wool Serge ‘Filled’
  • Wool Serge ‘Straight’
  • Low Trim Track & Serge
  • PUFC, these are waterproof and usually used for outdoor events
  • Black Casement

Drape Repair & Cleaning

If you are already using drapes at your venue, we can provide a full cleaning, repair and fire-proofing service. We can carry out works on site or at our facility. We can restore your existing drapes by way of repairs which we can carry out on-site or at our production facility. We can replace s-hooks, ties, grommets and trim. We also offer a full cleaning service which will add years to the life of your drapes as they are easily damaged by smoke, dust, dirt and moisture. Our team offer a fire-proofing service for fabrics used in the entertainment sector. All drapes supplied by us are certified for use and conform to BS standard fire safety regulations.