Crowd Control Systems

Most outdoor events require the use of crowd control systems to both protect people and block off areas within, or surrounding event sites. Our experience working with many outdoor festivals and other large events throughout Ireland and the UK mean you can be sure we have the right experience to recommend the appropriate mix of crowd control systems for your event.

We supply a comprehensive range of crowd control systems and site demarcation products for event sites. With the largest stocks available in the UK and Ireland, our Event Solutions team can facilitate from small local events to the biggest music festivals.

Temporary Fencing

Actavo’s Event Solutions only use heavy duty round top panels with a re-enforcing centre bar for added strength. With over 10,000+ units in stock we can supply any size of event. We can supply on a “hire only” or on a full installation basis.These crowd control systems are also widely known as heras, event or mesh fencing.

A fence stabiliser can be used for extra stability and we can also cover a panel with blackout scrim to add privacy for backstage or sensitive site areas. Each panel is 2m high X 3.5m wide and comes with a rubber base and coupler.

Front of Stage Barriers

The barrier system is also known as a pit barrier or mojo barrier, which was developed to use as a safety device to control crowds in various types of events, ranging from pop concerts to outdoor events. This barrier offers a combination of optimum safety and comfort for the audience and a safe working area for rescue and security personnel. We are a market leader in the hire and installation of front of stage barrier systems and we have developed a back-step system to provide better access for security and medical staff.

Our team uses the Prolyte aluminium barrier system and have installed all sizes of requirements from 5no barriers to over 2000no for multi-stage festivals and stadium arena tours.

Ground cover

Actavo’s Event Solutions team offers a range of ground protection and cover systems for hire and sale. We can provide temporary flooring for walkways, roadways, bridges as well as ground and pitch cover options.

Our ground protection products include:

  • Ground Mats – 2.44m long X 1.2 wide – suitable for heavy vehicles (Up to 30 tonnes)
  • Aluminium Trackway Panels – 3m wide x 2.5m long panel – suitable for heavy vehicles (Up to 30 tonnes).
  • Aluminium LD Rolls – 25m long X 3m wide – suitable for vehicles up to 20 tonnes
  • Super track Pedestrian Cover – 1.2m long X 2.8m wide, pedestrian friendly system
  • Temporary Bridges – We can supply pedestrian and vehicles bridges of all sizes
  • Steel hoarding
  • Event shield system
Pedestrian Barriers

We are one of the largest stockholders of temporary crowd/pedestrian barriers for the events sector. We offer “hire only” and full supply and installation services to event sites. From supplying 25no barriers to venues, to 10,000 barriers for large scale festivals.

Barrier Sizes Available:

  • 1m High X 2.3m Wide Fixed leg barrier
  • (Increased wall thickness 1.2mm)
  • 1m High X 2.5m Wide Fixed leg barrier
  • 1m High X 2.5m Bar Infill Barrier complete with flat metal base. (Mainly used for bar or queuing areas)
  • 1m High X 1.5m Police Style Barrier
Steel Hoarding We provide heavy duty temporary hoarding, which is ideal for event sites where extra security and privacy are essential for your crowd control systems. Steel hoarding, also known as solid hoarding, is used for side of stage and back stage areas where added privacy is required.

2.1m high X 2.1m wide Solid Hoarding Panels include a rubber base & 2 couplers, stabiliser and block tray, which is normally used on every third panel for stability. Solid Hoarding is available in different colours in green, black, white and galvanised finishes.

Event Shield System

Our Event Shield system is a heavy duty perimeter hoarding system used mainly for outdoor festivals, concert and sporting events. As each panel is 3m high, it gives added protection to any outdoor event site and adds a secure boundary. This system is also known as a T-shield system.

Each panel is 3m High X 2.4m wide and secured into the ground with a heavy duty stabilising and pin system. It is used for complete privacy and security areas on site; front of stage left & right and around the main arenas to keep patrons out and within the designated areas.