Access Solutions

As members of both the Engineering Construction Industry Association (ECIA) and National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), our Industrial Solutions team provides access solutions for new plant construction and term maintenance on many of the UK’s power stations, nuclear power, petrochemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical sites. We hold an extensive stock of wholly-owned equipment, including Layher System Scaffold, which allows Industrial Solutions to undertake projects of any size.

Use Of Layher System Scaffold

This technically-advanced system allows for significant productivity gains over tube and fitting scaffolds and other system scaffold. This system has enhanced safety through the use of purpose-designed components, made to fit around irregular shapes and profiles. It requires no ledger bracing, which provides the greatest possible access to work faces, while allowing speedy modifications to structures with no loose components.

With 30 branches in the UK holding a complete range of Layher products, we have the largest stock-holding of genuine Layher System Scaffold.