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Actavo | Hire & Sales Solutions offers a range of trenching equipment to ensure your excavation work is carried out using the safest equipment. We have Shoring branches in four locations around the UK – Birmingham, Northampton, Manchester and Uxbridge.

Trench Boxes, Manhole Boxes, Drag Boxes, Lightweight Box Systems, Closing Panels, Trench Sheets, Manhole Braces, Walers, Struts, Edge Protection, Fall Arrest Systems, Pipe Stoppers, Gas Detection, and other related Shoring products.

No ground can be relied upon to stand unsupported in all circumstances and depending on conditions, a cubic metre of soil can weigh in excess of 1.5 tonnes. Every year people are killed or seriously injured whilst working in excavations. The law says you must prevent the risk of danger to workers in or near excavations and no work should take place until the excavation is safe.

Shoring Products

Aluminium waler frames

Backhoe Manhole Box

Backhoe Trench Box

Driving Caps

Edge Protection

Ground Guards

Hydraulic Pump

Ladder access

Lifting Chains

Manhole Box

Manhole braces

Manhole Closing Panels

Manhole Shutters

Maxi drag box

Mini Trench Box

Pole Ladder

Quick Release Shackle

Road Forms

Road Plates

Sheet Extractor

Standard Drag Box

Standard Trench Box

Super Trench Box

Trench sheets

Trench Struts

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