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Actavo | Hire & Sales Solutions' range of building equipment is hugely varied and suitable for a range of small to large-scale construction projects. From MULITPROP and Shore Props, to fall arrest and trestle and handrail system, Actavo has building equipment available to suit your needs.

Whether you work in the construction business or are carrying out your own home improvements, it’s well worth investing in good quality building equipment. Taking your safety into consideration is a priority, and Actavo | Hire & Solutions' full range of construction supplies are BSEN classified, meaning each piece of equipment is manufactured to the highest standards – and rigorously tested.

Many of the building accessories supplied by Actavo are available in a variety of different sizes for you to choose from, ideal for those looking to purchase equipment suitable for home improvements, or those wanting to purchase larger, heavy-duty supplies suitable for use on a building site.

At Actavo, we pride ourselves on the quality of our building equipment. Excellent quality equipment is built to last and offers better value for our customers’ money, no matter what the requirements of the construction project might be.

Building Equipment Products



One Bay Stair Unit

Prop Head Attachments

Adjustable Steel Props

Soft Landing System

Staging Handrail

Trestles and Handrail System

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