ESB Fibre

Actavo | Network Solutions provided a turnkey solution to ESB for a fibre optic installation project. The scope of the project was to design, construct and commission the fibre and fibre infrastructure end-to-end between Ballynahulla and Ballyyouskill substations in Cork and Kerry.

Activities include:
  • Project Management
  • Survey and design
  • Trenching and ducting
  • Duct testing and sub-ducting
  • Fibre installation
  • Fibre testing
  • Commissioning
  • Traffic Management

The fibre installed was a 48 core and the length of the trench was approximately 28 km; the width was 300mm and the depth was 910mm. The cable was installed using blown fibre methodology.

Actavo used an on-road chain trencher to complete these works. This method of trenching was chosen due to the neat finish it provides. This method is also more economical than traditional open cut trenching and up to three times faster than conventional trenching. The programme for these works was based on 300 meters of trench per day for one crew which was only achieved due to the use of the chain trencher; this programme would not have been achievable with traditional open cut trenching.