Planning & Construction

Actavo | Network Solutions has demonstrable experience in the planning, construction and upgrade of multiple networks within the telecoms, energy and water sectors. From making good existing networks to new network way-leaving, activation and commissioning, our systems ensure the quality, safety and environmental management of all our works is never compromised. This is demonstrated in our accreditation to ISO and OHSAS standards and being recipients of numerous major awards.


On behalf of Digicel, Actavo is currently building a 15,000km of Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) network across the Caribbean. The scope of work includes: survey, design, construction & commissioning, operation & maintenance. Actavo is responsible for procuring all fibre, electronics and any other materials required to complete the operating network. We procure bulk quantities of critical materials during the mobilisation phase, as well as procurement against Bills of Materials (BoMs) which are produced from the detailed designs.

Actavo is providing all labour workforce, plant and equipment for the construction of the FTTH networks. The scope of work in the construction phase includes: more

In April 2015, Actavo commenced the survey, design and construction of a new optical Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB) network in Ireland on behalf of SIRO. The network is being built on existing ESB overhead and underground infrastructure. Actavo has been awarded 45,000 homes to date to construct across 4 towns – Cavan, Dundalk, Mullingar and Newbridge.

In each town, the FTTH network consists of a metro (aggregation) network layer and an access layer (the PON) – the layout of the network. more