Education – Redland Green School

The £573k modular extension to the East Wing will create 10 additional classrooms with a multi-use room and toilets. The 768m² extension has been part of the school’s original plans since opening in 2006, however cost constraints have put this on hold. The design of the building is not a norm for offsite construction. A curved roof structure has been formed to match the adjoining school building and the two buildings will be linked across all three stories with a glazed curtain walling walkway.

"It's partly the number of people who want to come here, but also partly that Bristol City Council needs more secondary school places. A far greater percentage of pupils are now staying within the state system rather than going privately or out of the city because of improvement, and there has also been population growth".

Sarah Baker, Head Teacher, Redland Green School

Project Date

May 2015

Time on Site

4 weeks

Project Size


Project Value