At Actavo | Building Solutions, we seek to innovate wherever possible to create safer working environments. We maximise productivity and create more efficient processes through the use of technology and lean principles. We have a philosophy of continuous improvement within our business. Through the integration of BIM, Actavo | Building Solutions can optimise manufacturing and reduce installation time, whilst providing clients with coordinated 3D designs, visualisations and spatial layouts.

We can provide BIM Level 2 compliant designs, resulting in a high-quality building that has been engineered and designed to require minimal site works. With the majority of work being completed in a factory-controlled environment, the benefits of pre-construction clash detection and design interface detailing allow us to detect and resolve potential issues prior to manufacture commencing.

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Actavo | Building Solutions also work in line with PAS1192, which is the framework on which BIM is built to ensure we meet the clients requirements, and identify all potential pitfalls with resolutions implemented prior to construction commencing. To ensure our production facilities in both the UK and Ireland act as a single entity, we employ the use of smart screen technology. This allows all members of the design team to evaluated designs, hold interactive meetings and discuss how a project is progressing in real time.

BIM and the Future

Actavo | Building Solutions consistently undertake internal training to ensure all staff are up to date with the most recent developments. We look forward to evolving our BIM procedures and will integrate into BIM level 3 and 4D planning in the near future. more

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Jim Gowan, Design Manager at Actavo | Building Solutions guides you though the concept of BIM 3D modelling and explains the benefits BIM provides to clients.
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