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High Praise from Bardsley Construction

Actavo | Hire & Sales has partnered with Bardsley Construction to provide a fall prevention solution to suit their site in Warrington, Victoria House. The £2.9 million housing project was the total renovation and conversion of an early 20th century hospital with space on the grounds for additional buildings. The transformed hospital would include 22 apartments and 8 newly built houses on the site.

Actavo | Hire & Sales – a leading supplier of non-mechanical construction equipment –provided Rhino Load Deck Safety System for the project as well as on-site labour service for the assembly and dismantling of Rhino Load Deck. This safety system not only prevents the risk of falls but can be used as a loading deck, reaching platform heights of up to four metres.

The free-standing system ensured there was no damage to the existing hospital structure whilst preventing the risk of falls from height. Use of the Actavo install team is saving Bardsley Construction time, helping them to complete the project to timescale and within budget.

Dylan Woodham, Buyer at Bardsley Construction, said: “After speaking with all parties, everyone is very satisfied with the way the project is running at Victoria House. It is a much-improved service from previous projects, thanks to the involvement of Actavo and Rhino Load Deck.”

Actavo introduced the Rhino Load Deck Safety System more than 10 years ago, and it has since become one of the most popular fall prevention solutions. It provides free-standing, multi-level platforms suitable for working at heights of up to four metres.

Actavo | Hire & Sales offers the Rhino Load Deck system for both sale and hire. For customers who prefer to hire the Rhino Load Deck on a job-by-job basis, the company offers a full site survey and design service with transport and expert on-site assembly.

FASET approved training courses with recognised qualification for the installation of the Rhino Load Deck Safety System are also available across the UK and Ireland.
For those site managers who prefer it, Actavo offers an all-encompassing hire, installation and dismantle option using a highly experienced team, thereby reducing man hours and completion times.