We think differently and harness technology to create smarter solutions for our clients. That approach is a key differentiator, allowing us to challenge how we do things, drive improvements and in the process meet and exceed customer expectations. In a fast-changing market, we are always looking to innovate and find new ways to create value for our customers. We are about maximising potential through collaborative innovation.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

These initiatives encourage our people to think differently, promoting a culture of improvement and process excellence among all our team by providing on-going training and development. We work hard to attract and retain the best people and this investment in our most important asset demonstrates that commitment. Our Bright Ideas initiative provides a platform to ask questions, challenge the status quo and propose initiatives to improve the way we work. Listening to our own team and acting on their proposals allows us to benefit from all our people’s potential.

Work Management Innovation

We recognise the importance of leveraging software and technology to ensure accurate data and management information throughout our projects. We have invested in the development of a tailored Work Management System which is changing the way we manage work packages. Crews now use an In-Field App which automates the tracking and reporting process onsite and reduces administration and reporting activities in the field.

Project Seurat

Strong defensible data for aerial plant is becoming increasingly more critical to Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) projects. To date, power line and pole surveys have been a slow, expensive, and manual process. Actavo is proud to announce a new process that will drive down the time and costs of collecting base pole and strand data, as well as drive efficiencies into your project as a whole, project Seurat.

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Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU)

Actavo offers a full MDU service from survey to build and testing. Our innovative solutions combat the key challenges associated with MDU’s, namely site survey and address verification, engineering and design of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) / Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) networks. Our comprehensive design package includes all or part of (1) Strategic Network Planning; (2) High-Level Network Planning; (3) Detailed Network Planning.

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Narrow Trenching

Actavo recently constructed a fibre-to-the-business / backbone network in Jamaica using this new methodology and we saw excellent results – there was less disruption to the public and the works were completed significantly quicker than if traditional trenching had been used. This brings with it a substantial cost benefit for our customer.