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Access Towers

An access tower is a lightweight and mobile unit which can be used both indoors and outdoors – a useful solution for those looking for a secure platform from which to carry out construction work. These scaffolding towers can be constructed quickly and efficiently, ideal for those needing short-term construction access, or a solution to aid maintenance and installation work.

Besides strong aluminium scaffolding, the access tower has boards in a variety of lengths for you to choose as the ideal working platform. A versatile piece of equipment, the access tower platform can be raised or lowered to suit your needs, perfect for those looking for a safe platform to use in the home, garden, or on a building site. Easy to transport, assemble and store away, an access tower is a key component of both the professional construction worker and DIY-enthusiast's tool kit, and a worthwhile investment for future construction projects.

Access Towers Products

Anti Surf Podium

BoSS Solo 700

Cam-Lock Advance Guardrail

Folding Towers

Ladderspan Tower

Podium Towers

Stairwell Towers

Telescopic Mobile Scaffold Tower

Work Platforms

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