NoiseGardz™ acoustic barriers are a temporary noise solution offering a versatile approach for both internal and external acoustic screening.They reduce the noise created by typical site plant, from small fans, portable compressors, large site generators or piling rigs by both attenuation and adsorption. They enable a dynamic and versatile approach to the noise issues experienced in today’s industrial, construction and event environments.

The NoiseGardz™ acoustic curtain was designed specifically to provide a light-weight, fully waterproof, fire retardant, high attenuating acoustic barrier for surrounding site plant and other high noise emitting activities. They are very quick to install and therefore ideal for both short and long term applications.Each fire resistant curtain can be used to create any size of enclosure to ensure optimum acoustic performance. They are constructed with eyelets positioned along the top and down both sides to enable suspension from site fencing, scaffolding, timber hoarding’s and many other structures.

  • 32dB Max attenuation
  • Entirely constructed from
  • Fire Resistant Materials
  • 100% Waterproof Construction
  • No irritant materials used
  • Independently Tested to
  • BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010
  • BS EN ISO 354:2003
  • Single horizontal fold line for straightforward palletised transportation and storage